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Last month I celebrated a super exciting closing with my client, Stacy!

Stacy was a first time homebuyer who never thought that buying a home could be possible for her. She met with Anna at UW Credit Union in May who put together some great financing options for her and instilled her in that her dream of homeownership was indeed possible. Anna then connected Stacy with me to find and secure the perfect home. We met and I educated Stacy on the market before we starting showings. After only 2 showings, she fell in love with a sweet Bungalow in Eken Park where she can bike downtown for work and walk to restaurants just down the street!

We sat down and discussed the terms for a competitive offer on this property that already had a few offers…

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Solveig's guide to syttende Mai


Syttende Mai is Stoughton's annual Norwegian Heritage Festival - a weekend full of cultural events, parades, educational demonstrations, art shows, and more!

Syttende Mai is Norway's "Constitution Day," meaning "Seventeenth of May", and celebrates Norway's ratification of the constitution, which established Norway as its own indepedent nation. Stoughton, a center for Norwegian immigrants since the mid-1800s, started celebrating it's own Syttende Mai festival in the 1950s. Every year, a King, Queen, Prince and Princess of Syttende Mai is chosen from its residents who have contributed to the community, whom you'll see dressed in tradition Norwegian bunad costume at events throughout…

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April Showers means... only a few more snows till Spring?

All kidding aside, April in Wisconsin brings lambing & kidding days at two very special locally owned farms!

Here are all the details so ewe you won't miss a thing!


Between Stoughton & Oregon on 138, you'll find Eugster's Farm, which kicks off it's Lambing & Kidding Days on April 13th this year! Baby animals to pet and hold include baby goats, lambs, piglets, kittens, bunnies, chicks and ducklings. We love to bring our extended family and see not only the baby animals but walk as much of the 15-acre petting farm before the kiddos tucker out. Plan to spend at least an hour! Check their website for ticketing information. Opening dates…

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Goal: you want buyers to step foot in your home and immediately think, “yes, yes, a thousand times, yes, this is the one for me!” ????

So what's the secret? How can you do that?

The trick is to get more *engagement* with your listing.

This will prompt more buyers to consider getting down on their knees and offer! ????

So what does listing engagement look like? This real estate Cupid has a few tricks up her sleeve!

1) Money can't buy love, but a competitive price can sure attract it! Get more eyes on your home by pricing it right. You want to attract the most buyers while still netting the most value!

2) Just like dressing up for a first date, your house may need a mini shopping spree. Staging your home doesn't have to…

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The Lender Lowdown

Your Burning Questions Answered

I teamed up with Anna Wise from UW Credit Union to answer YOUR burning questions about all things loans and interest rates in this market! 

How long does it take to get pre-approved?

To start the preapproval process, you will need to submit an application to Anna. Give yourself about 20 min to get through the questions. She will review the application within 24 -48 hours once it’s been submitted. If the application is complete, and she is able to issue a letter, your preapproval will be good for about 4 months or 120 days.

Is there anything I can do to get a better interest rate?

This is going to be a question best answered once Anna has all your information. You and Anna will discuss…

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POV: You’re sitting in your living room about to watch Home Alone. The GAP commercial full of iceskaters is on tv and you can’t get Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas Is You” out of your head. The Christmas tree is decorated and your mom brings home a tin of sugar cookies. Life is good.

Times have changed, but that doesn’t mean this holiday season can’t be full of nostalgia for you and yours. This Local Holiday Guide is designed to help you treasure the ordinary yet magical moments this season has to offer, right here in Stoughton.

Consider this your virtual Toys R Us Catalog full of things to circle and put on your list!

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When will housing prices come down?

But first...who remembers the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond about the luggage on the staircase?

I seriously just watched this one! 

Ray and Debra had gone to Connecticut and they left their suitcase on the stairs when they returned. Three weeks went by and neither of them moved (or unpacked) the suitcase, hoping the other would move it instead.

Finally, Ray needs to leave for a work trip and, because of the suitcase standoff, he decides to pack his clothes for the weekend in a grocery bag. 

It's totally ridiculous, but let's be honest, we all have little stand offs like that in relationships from time to time. 

Well, the housing the market right now is lot like that stand off. Something…

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It's the best time of year (IMO). The air is crisp and fresh. The Maple Lattes are flowing. Life is good! But, there's more to fall in the Madison area than what meets the eye. This guide shares activities, food, drinks, decor, and tips to keep your entire family busy. Thanks to this guide, you'll never hear, "I'm bored" or "There's nothing to do" this season. Let the fall festivities begin! Here's your guide to all things fall in Madison.

Like a pile of leaves, let's jump in!

Looking for more? Contact me for the full guide with even more to love in the Madison area this fall!

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In a world of streaming and Amazon Prime, we have gotten used to instant gratification.

So it's no wonder some first time home buyers hesitate before investing in real estate.

"I mean, aren't things really expensive right now?"

"Shouldn't I wait until interest rates go down?"

"My rent is about the same as my mortgage payment would be and I don't have to fix any broken appliances."

I get it. Instant, short term, quick wins are very tempting (and in a lot of cases, great options!)

But homeownership isn't a short game. It's not a shortcut to wealth. It's a long game.

You may not feel "wealthy" six months in...2 years in...or even 5 years in. But over time your home value will most likely appreciate significantly.

In fact,…

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Elphie's Favorite Local Spots!

Your Dog Friendly Summer Guide

Elphie loves a good local road trip. Hop in the car, get the windows down and sniff, sniff, sniff. Madison has exploded with dog-friendly restaurants and shops in the past ten years. I remember when I moved back from New York and was shocked that I couldn't take my dog everywhere - even the city parks didn't allow dogs! Thankfully, much has changed, and here are some our favorite destinations:

In their great new spot on W. Main St. in downtown Stoughton, The Crazy Dog Mom has the cutest toys, treats and apparel for all the dog moms and dads. Owner Amanda curates and creates the products and also puts on the sweetest events - such as the upcoming Friendship Day Brunch on…

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